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Science in Action: Drones against Poachers

Kitso (right) and friends at the testing range near Schiphol.

Kitso (right) and friends at the testing range near Schiphol.

For the BBC science series Science in Action, I produced an item on Kitso Epema, a master student at aeronautical engineering (TU Delft) who, together with other students, develops a drone to assist park rangers in Africa against the ever more numerous and brutal poachers who target  rhinos in the national parks.

Science in Action / 24 April 2014 / 27 mins 

Content: Scientists decode the genome of the fly that spreads sleeping sickness; Has the environmental impact of a proposed canal across the country been assessed fully?; Was the recent fatal avalanche linked to human activity?; Can drones help catch rhino poachers in South Africa?


Listen to the fragment on the BBC website.

Or listen to podcast at Soundcloud.Item with Kitso starts at 19:50.

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